Clark to shake it off after latest loss to Valor Christian, 71-63

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Valor Christian
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Guest Stream working for you guys ?

Guest stream working for you guys ?


Matt Burnell i got nothing

Guest Jaron, Anything you can do to fix the stream ?

Guest Working now !

Guest back up

Guest try refreshing

Guest Time out ?

Guest try refreshing in stream stops working

Guest maybe this is not the company that should be streaming these games.

Guest Lack of professionalism, it looks like a five year old is recording the games.

Guest Your doing fine Jaron. Stream has stopped though


Basketball Colorado anyone else stream frozen?

Guest I guess Jaron didn't like the fact you were talking shit and pulled the plug........


Basketball Colorado game over?

Guest Back up. Thx !

Guest I guess the truth really do hurt sometimes. Sorry


Basketball Colorado i guess my wifi isn't strong enough


Basketball Colorado but at least the score is updating

Guest Restart the stream Jaron

Guest Just tap had to quit, then resume again

Guest up and running


Basketball Colorado is the score right ? not getting the stream

Guest looks like the score is correct

Guest If you have trouble seeing the stream, try refreshing. The stream was reloaded a minute ago

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Valor Christian

Jaron Murphy

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